okay guys. it’s been real. gonna miss y’all. this blog was a huge part of my life for years. goodbye xoxo

v sad to leave this lil blog behind considering one time at a concert my friend mentioned by blog name and the person she was talking to freaked out like that was my Beyoncé moment but hey you gotta do what you gotta do

Anonymous whispered "I'll miss ya, bya babe :( <3"

dawh I will miss you too babes, despite the fact I’m not sure who u r xxxoxo

horanwanking whispered "Gonna miss having you on my dash but I respect your decision. its been real, man"

yes you’re definitely one of the blogs I had in mind when I mentioned making some cool friends. if you still need me my personal is roamingbrooklyn. Thanks for being so cool man

Anonymous whispered "NOOO! Your "no girlfriend no problem" post when you were Horan-around-with-style is my favorite on this whole website. And your one about zayn when they were on SNL had me rolling wtf why are you leaving :((("

it’s just not fun to me anymore to try and maintain a band specific tumblr idek I lost my touch because I don’t rly give a shit what goes on anymore idk

Anonymous whispered "It was a pleasure to have been following you :("

bby girl that is too sweet bless you